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Please Note: Jodie's physical studio is now in Nowra on the NSW South Coast. Regular online lessons are available for Sydney students with face to face masterclasses being held in Sydney once a term.

Jodie is a dedicated teacher with the ability to cater to all skill levels and ages. Teaching privately from her home studio, she provides a creative and supportive environment in which each of her students can develop and hone their singing, voice and acting skills based on their individual needs. Lessons can be taught online or in person (COVID pending).

Jodie’s eclectic skill set allows her to offer a wide range of services including:

- Singing Teaching - Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre and Contemporary Voice

- Vocal Coaching - encouraging awareness of the physical connection to the voice through breath

- Acting Coaching - including screen acting

- Skill expansion - for professionals looking to cross genres and performance areas

- Audition Preparation - Professional Music Theatre auditions

- Drama and Music School entrance auditions

- Film and TV auditions including Self-Tests



After 6 years in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Jodie has moved her physical studio to Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. Jodie continues to service Sydney by teaching day to day lessons online and traveling to Sydney once each term to hold Performance Masterclasses and private lessons. This enables her to maintain face to face connections with her students whilst providing a highly educational performance opportunity.


Jodie is thrilled to announce her new studio in Nowra on the NSW South Coast is up and running and servicing the Shoalhaven area. Face to face lessons are available at this location and the studio is registered as a COVID Safe business with a COVID safety plan in place. Of course, lessons can be held online if preferred.


The basic lesson structure is to begin with some technical warm up lessons before working on a song (or speech) where we essentially put the technique into practice. I draw on all my experience and knowledge to cater the lesson to the individual student's needs - no two voices are the same so each voice needs a slightly different approach. My ideology is to help you build awareness of and learn to play your unique instrument; to find your own voice and gain confidence in your vocal expression, be that through speech or song. I work hard to create a safe space for my students to feel comfortable sharing what can be a vulnerable experience with me.


72 Salisbury Drive

Nowra, NSW, 2541

Studio Rates

30 minutes @ $50

45 minutes @ $70

60 minutes @ $90

Recommended length of lesson dependent upon age and experience

Performance masterclass held in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs once a term

*Singing for Children*

Jodie has a special interest in working with children and sharing her passion for the arts with them. She provides a fun, safe and warm environment in which children can confidently find their own voice and explore their individuality through artistic expression.

*Singing for Beginners*

It’s never too late to learn to sing! It is one of my absolute joys to help people of all ages find their voice no matter whether they have had any previous experience or not. Music is a gift and singing is fantastic for one’s well-being. Learning to express vocally through music or speech itself is powerful and can be life changing.


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